Meet the Dolls!

Here are all of my AG dolls!

Carol Marissa Hopkins
Birthday: January 7th
Favorite Color: Blue
Hobby: Singing
Best Friend: Kailey
Fun Fact: Carol is my mini-me doll.

Kailey June Hopkins
Birthday: October 20th
Favorite Color: Green
Hobby: Swimming, Boogie Boarding, etc.
Best Friend: Carol
Fun Fact: I'm GOTY 2003!

(I don't have any pictures of Zoe lol)

Zoe Nicole Linden
Birthday: May 5th
Favorite Color: Orange
Hobby: Fashion Designing
Best Friend: Everyone
Fun Fact: I'm a Karito Kids doll!

Nellie Jane O'Malley
Birthday: December 25th
Favorite Color: Purple
Hobby: Dancing
Best Friend: Caroline
Fun Fact:

Caroline Elizabeth Abbott
Birthday: January 5th
Favorite Color: Pink
Hobby: Sailing and Riding Horses
Best Friend: Nellie
Fun Fact: I used to have a store in 2013 called the Pretty Caroline store!

Emilia "Lea" Grace Clark
Birthday: January 27th
Favorite Color: Yellow
Hobby: Photography
Best Friends: Ciara and Kanani
Fun Fact: Lea came in right after my show choir competition!

Ciara Amelia O'Malley
Birthday: May 1st
Favorite Color: Red
Hobby: Gymnastics
Best Friends: Lea and Kanani
Fun Fact:

Kanani Hailee Akina
Birthday: August 9th
Favorite Color: Indigo
Best Friends: Lea and Ciara
Fun Fact:

Harper Lydia Blalocke
Birthday: July 24
Favorite Color:
Best Friend: 
Fun Fact: