Meet the Dolls!

These are all of my dolls as of August 28th, 2016!


Hey guys, I'm Carol. I like to sing, and I'm in a few choirs.
I'm ok at ice skating, and I used to be good at gymnastics. Now I just fall on my face
just thinking about a cartwheel. I'm also the oldest doll in the family. I live in the doll house
with Kailey and Zoe, and the others live in the doll room next door.

Birthday: January 7th
Favorite Color: Blue
Hobby: Singing! And more singing!
Best Friend: Kailey
Fun Fact: I'm the only MAG ever to have caramel hair.


Hiya guys, I'm Kailey. I'm pretty much the crazy one
in this house, and I am horrible at singing, which is weird because my best friend Carol is perfect at it. I like science and going to the beach to show off my boogie-boarding skills. I also like exploring the
tide pools.

Birthday: October 20th
Favorite Color: Green
Hobby: Swimming, Boogie Boarding, etc.
Best Friend: Carol
Favorite Number: Um, am I supposed to put something here?
Fun Fact: I'm GOTY 2003!


Hi, I'm Zoe. I'm taller than all of my sisters, so that makes me the oldest,
I guess (logic, right?). I like designing clothes, and I already have my own store,
creatively named Zoe's fashions.

Birthday: May 5th
Favorite Color: Orange
Hobby: Fashion Designing
Best Friend: Everyone
Fun Fact: I'm a Karito Kids doll!


Hi! I'm Nellie. I like to dance and play piano, but I couldn't sing to save my life
(though I'm not as bad as Kailey). I also like ice skating (though I'm not very good at it) and reading.

Birthday: December 12th
Favorite Color: Lilac
Hobby: Dancing and Playing Piano
Best Friend: Caroline
Fun Fact:


Hey there! I'm Caroline. I like riding horses and fancy clothes. I used to be all historical-y and stuff, but now I'm modern.  Wait, what does this button do?!
*Several button presses later*
I'm also sort of a girly-girl, and I like doing fancy hairdos.

Birthday: January 5th
Favorite Color: Pink
Hobby: Sailing and Riding Horses
Best Friend: Nellie
Fun Fact: I used to have a store in 2013 called the Pretty Caroline store!


Hey, I'm Lea. I like photography and baking. I'm also kind of competitive. My favorite things to bake are muffins. My favorite place to be is outside.
I'm also the girl of the year. I like exploring new places and taking pictures of them!

Birthday: January 27th
Favorite Color: Yellow
Hobby: Photography
Best Friends: Ciara and Kanani
Fun Fact: I came to the AGMusic Productions family right after my owner's show choir competition!


Hi every peoples! I'm Ciara. I like rhythmic gymnastics! I'm also on the Math Team.

Birthday: May 1st
Favorite Color: Red
Hobby: Gymnastics
Best Friends: Lea and Kanani
Fun Fact: I'm on level six!


Hey guys, I'm Kanani! I am the eighth doll and third GOTY here! I like paddleboarding, going on adventures, and being by the water! (Just like every other GOTY here XD)
I also like trying to save endangered species and trying to leak the next GOTY!
Birthday: August 12th
Favorite Color: Indigo
Hobby: Paddleborading and Leaking AG Stuff
Best Friends: Lea and Ciara
Fun Fact: I have the longest and darkest hair out of all of my sisters!