Migrating To Tumblr??

Hey guys, I have decided to move this blog over to Tumblr. It is more convenient to post on there, and Blogger is pretty outdated anyway. This way, I would be able to customize my blog more and post more. Don't worry, I'm not leaving this blog, I'm just moving to another site.
Go check it out at agmusicproductions.tumblr.com! :)
Edit: I can't import my posts from here to Tumblr, so I guess I'll be starting over. I will leave a link on my new blog to this one. :)
~ Mara

AGTube Mashup 2018

Hey guys! I've already started creating a list of AGTubers to add to this year's AGTube mashup. (It'll be uploaded in December, I'm just going ahead and starting to work on it lol). I'm trying to add as many AGTubers as I can, so I've decided to share the list with you guys!
All you have to do is go to this link (here) and follow the instructions. I hope you guys like the mashup, I had a lot of fun making one for last year.

~ Mara :)

New Post On YouTube!

Hey guys, I just posted an AGPS / cover of a song on my YouTube channel if you want to check it out!

~ Mara

Crazy Thrift Store Find!

Yesterday, I got this oddly complicated text from my brother saying that my mom had a surprise for me when she got home. What the surprise ended being was a complete... well, surprise XD
Long story short...

My mom found an MAG 17 doll in really good condition at a thrift store for only $2.99!!!

This was a HUGE shock because:
1) My mom said I couldn't get any more dolls
2) I haven't seen any AG stuff at a thrift store since 2012 (and I've never found a doll lol)

So, welcome Harper Lydia Stevens to the AGMusic family!!

I am so thankful to have a new doll in my collection and am looking forward to making videos with her.
Bye for now!


Where have I been? (YouTube Wise)

Now, you may be wondering, "Why hasn't AGMusic Productions posted in 984371897498 years?"(aka 3-4 months). I've been having a bit of camera/computer struggles lately. I've made a TON of stopmotions, but I'd get about 15-20 seconds in and then get bored. I tried putting together the few seconds I had, but my computer decided that it has no space, so I couldn't edit without video malfunctions or a ton of lagginess from my editor. I also am not the best at indoor photography. Should I just post short stopmotions for now? I have a few on my iPod that I could post.
PS: I changed my blog theme. What do you think?