Yay! Summer! - Part One

Today I am at my friend's house, and we decided to make a photo story.

So the storyline is:
The dolls are so excited that school is finally over, so they decided to go enjoy the summer sun(or clouds!)
Color Code:
Emily and Veronica were talking about homework.
"I, like, totally am glad that we don't have any more homework," said Veronica.
"Well, I actually kinda liked having homework," replied Emily.
Meanwhile, Julie and Kit were talking about sports.
"I hope I made the tennis team!" Julie almost yelled--she was that excited!

"Not to brag, but I was the first to make it on the soccer team," Kit replied smugly.
Being a little over two centuries behind, Caroline said, "I have no idea what you two are talking about!"
"Aaaaah!!!!!!" Emily shrieked suddenly.

"A Monster!!!!!!!!"
"It's just a cat."

"But wait. I'm allergic to cats!"
 "Are you okay?"

"Well, I am now. Do you wanna have a race?" 
"Bring it on!"
"On your mark..."
"Get set..."
Thinking that they were merely trying to climb the hill, Kit said, "Do you think we should tell
them that there are stairs?"
"Nah," the other two replied.

Stay tuned for part 2! Have a great summer!

Photo Fun with Mini Caroline

Today I went outside and took some photos with Mini Caroline.

I hope you enjoyed them! Bye!

Caroline is Retiring? :(

Sadly, Caroline is retiring. AG has officially announced on their website that she will only be available while supplies last. I wish that she was not retiring. She only debuted three years ago!

Caroline Photos

These are just some random photos of Caroline.

I hope you enjoyed them! Bye!


Sorry that I haven't posted in two years. This post is just a bunch of random updates.
So the updates are:
I changed my username
I am going to add some tabs to the blog soon
I will probably post more
The posts will not just be about videos anymore
I changed the title
Bye! More updates soon!