Well, as you can see, 25 dollidays didn't really work out. Oh well! I have this really cool series planned called Ciara's Vlogs that I should be posting soon.

25 Dollidays of Blogging!

Hi! I decided I would start a new thing for December: 25 Dollidays of Blogging! Basically, that means I am going to try to post everyday until Christmas!

Christmas Gift!

Hey guys! I have a really cool Christmas gift for everyone who watches my channel. It is...

*Insert Drumroll Here*

-FOUR new video specials set to upload on each weekend of December

-More NEW videos set for the holidays, including a Christmas AND Christmas Eve special! Stay tuned for the next video, which is coming out this weekend!

~MC :)

Hey Guys! (Updates)

Sorry I haven't been posting much. I've been trying to post from time to time. I would upload some pictures, but it hasn't been letting me upload photos from my device! I will post later on my computer. Bye!

Hey Everyone!

Hey everyone! I recently became an admin on the AGTube wiki! We are running low on members, so feel free to join! If you don't want to make or edit articles, we also have a forum.
Here's the link! (It is easier to join on desktop btw)

Thank you SOOO MUCH!!!!!! 😄😄

Thank you SOO MUCH for 100 subscribers! I want to make a 100 subs special soon!



YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!! I got Kanani a few weeks ago!

Come Join American Girl World!

MiaStClair from American Girl Doll News has made an American Girl world where you can chat and "buy" virtual dolls and stuff like that. Here's a link:


Yesterday I got #61 and I am so excited! I named her Ciara (see-air-uh). Here are a few photos from today and yesterday.

(Also, I got Lea's dress!)

Well, that's all for now. Bye!

All Of My Dolls (5/2/16)

Here are some pictures of my dolls:

Carol, my first doll;

Kailey, my second doll;

Zoe, my third doll. She is a Karito Kids Doll.

Nellie, my fourth doll;

Caroline, my fifth doll:

Lea, my sixth doll:

And, last but not least, Ciara!

These are all of my dolls I have gotten in the past few years. 

Caroline Photoshoot

This weekend I fixed up Caroline's hair and took some photos.

Thank You So Much!

Thanks so much for 20 subscribers!


I have EIGHT subscribers now! It may not seem like a lot, but a week ago I only had two. Wow!!!!


Lea came in yesterday! I didn't have any time to take pictures then, but today I do!

I have been trying to get some good pictures of her today. She is absolutely gorgeous! Here are a few pics:

Well, that's all for now. Bye!


Happy First Post Of 2016! 

Well, you can obviously guess that this post is going to be about Lea Clark. But why is it about Lea?

*Drumroll Please*

I have saved up my money for only a few weeks now (and found my secret stash of money when cleaning my room) to buy a certain item from American Girl. Lea Clark. I am not going to be getting her ears pierced (yet) since I have just enough money to buy the doll ($123). I am so excited though! 

Well, bye!