Old Photos of Carol

As the title says, this post will just be a bunch of old photos of Carol from about three years ago.

Here are some photos:

More Photos and Videos!!!!!!

 I finally got my old photos off of my old computer. I had over ten folders full of photos and videos!
I also had a few finished stopmotions with music, but I accidentally left them on my old computer. Hopefully I will have all of my photos and videos on my new computer soon. Most of them are already on my new computer. Some are even from before I created this blog a few years ago. Wow! Now I can do more photoshoot posts because most of my photos are doll related, and I have more than a handful of videos to choose from!

Here is a sneak peek of my pre-blog photos!

More posts to come! Happy Almost Fall!
P. S. I changed the background. Did you notice it at first?

More Updates!

Yesterday I got a new computer, so I will probably post more often. Mostly because I made this blog my homepage, but also because I like playing on my new computer (and making powerpoints randomly.)
So I am going to eventually figure out how to put tabs on here, and then make a banner or something. I haven't really decided yet.
Also, I am going to try and make some more videos to put on here. I haven't put any on here in almost two years. Wow.
Well, I think that is pretty much it. Bye!